How to deploy a self contained .NET Core app.

by Mahmut Jomaa on June 27, 2016
Ok this blog post is rather a duplicate of the docs. However many people wrote me an e-mail because they simply didn't find it.   Docs:   1. Change the…

.NET Core 1.0 got released

in News
by Mahmut Jomaa on June 27, 2016
Today is the day. Microsoft announced something sweet at Red Hat DevNation. After a 3 year long journey .NET Core 1.0 got released:     1. Get the Visual…

Microsoft aquired Xamarin

in News
by Mahmut Jomaa on February 25, 2016
Microsoft announced today that they aquired Xamarin. This is HUGE!   About Xamarin Xamarin is a provider for mobile app development technology. You can write a C# application and cross-compile…

Building a simple Brainfuck Interpreter in C

in C/C++
by Mahmut Jomaa on December 08, 2015
Brainfuck is a Turing-complete language that isn't necessary designed for productive usage :) However it is actually great to understand C pointers. An Interpreter is a computer program that directly…

How to enable precompiled razor views (.cshtml) in ASP.NET 5

by Mahmut Jomaa on November 29, 2015
If you want your .cshtml to be precompiled before the first request hits, you need to enable it manually. This increases time needed for compilation, however the compilation process still…

Upgrading your ASP.NET 5 application from beta8 to RC1

by Mahmut Jomaa on November 23, 2015
There aren't that many API changes, the focus on RC1 was to stabilize the code base.   Installation of RC1: 1. First download and install the RC1 upgrade for Visual…

in Projects
by Mahmut Jomaa on November 09, 2015
Today I'm releasing a new online tool: In short: You can store text online or use it as your syntax highlghter (for your blog).   Features: Paste and share…

Hi, I'm Jomaa!

This websites is actually for you :)

I've created this website because I wanted to help you fellows on the internet.

That's you, you and you! Have fun browsing, my friend^^

Ye ye .. totally not because I want to brag about my 1337-leet skillz hehe.. pssht


About me

Long story short. I'm a Software Developer  born, raised and currently living in Germany.

With 9 years I've discovered Computers and Computer Games. It was different than the Playstation or the N64. After a while I wanted to make Computer Games for that big gray thing. There were no flatrate-like internet connections avialable - to be fair no one in the neighbourhood had internet back then - so I actually HAD to go to the library and grab a book about coding. Since then I'm passion about programming. I love building things and (over-)engineering them. The details, man! My dream is to develope my own robot army.. ha! I'm 8505 days old and enrolled as a Computer Science student.


Topics I may cover on this blog:

  • General Computer Science. Programming, Math, Databases, ..
  • Networks. Cisco, Juniper, Citrix, ..
  • Cyber & Computer Security

Mahmut Jomaa is a Software Engineer from Germany.

Currently he attends university to gain more knowledge in Computer Science.

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