Hi, I'm Jomaa!

This websites is actually for you :)

I've created this website because I wanted to help you fellows on the internet.

That's you, you and you! Have fun browsing, my friend^^

Ye ye .. totally not because I want to brag about my 1337-leet skillz hehe.. pssht


About me

Long story short. I'm a Software Developer  born, raised and currently living in Germany.

With 9 years I've discovered Computers and Computer Games. It was different than the Playstation or the N64. After a while I wanted to make Computer Games for that big gray thing. There were no flatrate-like internet connections avialable - to be fair no one in the neighbourhood had internet back then - so I actually HAD to go to the library and grab a book about coding. Since then I'm passion about programming. I love building things and (over-)engineering them. The details, man! My dream is to develope my own robot army.. ha! I'm 8505 days old and enrolled as a Computer Science student.


Topics I may cover on this blog:

  • General Computer Science. Programming, Math, Databases, ..
  • Networks. Cisco, Juniper, Citrix, ..
  • Cyber & Computer Security

Mahmut Jomaa is a Software Engineer from Germany.

Currently he attends university to gain more knowledge in Computer Science.

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