Output / Response Caching in ASP.NET 5

Output Caching works quite similiar in ASP.NET 5 to previous versions.




This will add the Cache-control header with max-age=120. (seconds)

You can define profiles and use them instead of repeating.






If you want configure more:


The ResponseCacheAttribute got the following properties:


Duration: Gets or sets the duration in seconds for which the response is cached.

Location: Gets or sets the location where the data from a particular URL must be cached.

NoStore: Gets or sets the value which determines whether the data should be stored or not. If true the Cache-control header will be set to no-store.

VaryByHeader: Gets or sets the value for the Vary response header.

CacheProfileName: Gets or sets the value of the cache profile name.

Order: Gets or sets the order of the filter.



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