Upgrading your ASP.NET 5 application from beta8 to RC1

There aren't that many API changes, the focus on RC1 was to stabilize the code base.


Installation of RC1:

1. First download and install the RC1 upgrade for Visual Studio:



2. Then install the latest dnx (rc1-final) from cmd / terminal:





Change the string "version": "1.0.0-beta8" to "version": "1.0.0-rc1-final"




  • Replace all beta8 with rc1-final
  • EntityFramework.SqlServer got renamed to EntityFramework.MicrosoftSqlServer
  • EntityFramework.Sqlite is now case sensitive
  • Microsoft.Framework.* got renamed to Microsoft.Extensions.*



Caution: SignalR rc1-final needs an additional NuGet feed (aspnetmaster v3). Example NuGet.config:


Besides that there might be an update for SignalR soon:


A new option

If we look at the dnx compilation source codehere, we can see that it expect us to check the compilation option 'emitEntryPoint' for console applications. False for libraries.




Change @using Microsoft.Framework.OptionsModel to @using Microsoft.Extensions.OptionsModel




Add the static void Main method to your Startup.cs.


The application base path is automaticly called if no base path is specified. Remove  .SetBasePath(appEnv.ApplicationBasePath) if possible:




There is a bug in RC1 that will get fixed in RC2 or in a RC1-1 update. Add this header to your *.conf file:



Additional Ressources:

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