Microsoft aquired Xamarin

Microsoft announced today that they aquired Xamarin. This is HUGE!


About Xamarin

Xamarin is a provider for mobile app development technology. You can write a C# application and cross-compile it against a lot of operating systems, but most importantly Windows, iOS and Android. Xamarin has more than 15,000 customers in 120 countries and more than 1.3 million individul developers who benefit from their technology.


How does this affect you?

Awesome, just awesome! This is very good news for developers and Microsoft. Honestly it is a good time to be a C#/.NET developer. Most people expect a price reduction on Xamarin, maybe it will be bundled with the Visual Studio Enterprise Edition. Who knows? Nevertheless we will see a lot more Xamarin and C#/.NET devs in the future. And porting their app to a Windows platform is really easy with Xamarin, so Microsoft wins.

If you followed the long-term partnernship, Microsoft worked on integrating the Xamarin workflow into Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite before the aquisition.

Besides that Microsoft already made a huge commitment to .NET Core, especially by redesigning ASP.NET to run on .NET Core. 



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